RIP RMB (2017-2018)

As of today, 14th June 2018, RemindMeBot has been discontinued.
I decided to stop with the project because there were alot of issues with the bot, issues I wasn't bothered to fix.. because I lost passion for the project.
RemindMe was my first bot on Discord, and also my largest (solo) project at 4155 servers and 341 commits.

The project has always been open sourced on GitHub, @ aetheryx/remindme. The repository will soon be archived. There will be a new selfhost branch so people can easily set up their own private instance of RemindMeBot.

If you're wondering what I'm up to nowadays, I'm spending most of my free time on Tweetcord, a bot that serves as a Twitter-to-Discord bridge.

With that said, here's a photo of Adam's dog, Brooks:

Here's a photo of Melmsie's dog, Mac:

Here's a photo of Auxim's cat, Lotje:

Here's a photo of Tonkku's cat, Mini:

Here's a photo of Desiree's rabbit, Chloe:

Here's a photo of Kromatic's cat, Dobby:

(My friends wanted me to include their pets. I don't know why. It's become a silly trend.)

For any questions or concerns, feel free to join my support server at